Welcome to nettnett.net


I have a Canon 40D and a collection of lenses to go with it.


I make my living as a computer geek. Senior Consultant, they call me. I specialize in Microsoft .NET, but I'm interested of most things geeky.


I'm a big fan of progressive rock and metal. I like my music analog - on vinyl. Only problem is, I'm running out of storage space.

This site

I guess this is the place where I tell you what this site is good for. To be completely honest, it's probably not going to do you any good.

Perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about me, or perhaps you'll learn something from one of the example-pages I've made here. But mainly this site exists for me to have a place to try out new things.

© 2013 Stian Sveen

About nettnett.net

nettnett.net is my personal web page. It's an independent page, not affiliated with my work - current, previous or future. It's kinda my online playground, where I can try out new things.

I started the page as a learning experiment in 2000, and had some friends helping me in creating content. In 2009 the hosting company disintegrated, and nettnett.net disappeared overnight. As I didn't have any backup available (silly!) the site was lost.


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